2020-01-26 00:37:23, by Martin Fryer

Long course 2020 trail series course sri chinmoy canberra

sri chinmoy canberra trail series 2020


2019-12-02 06:14:22, by Martin Fryer

Stromlo 6-7K short course 2020

sri chinmoy trail series 2020 stromlo

Kids 2.15K Cotter Canter

2018-01-06 04:51:01, by Martin Fryer

Kids Course. One lap of path loop then divert down grass to cross Car Park to Finish

cotter canter sri chinmoy trail series

Pine Island 20K Loop

2016-03-28 00:03:20, by Martin Fryer

Pine Island to Kambah Pool via BNT and back via Murrumbidgee Discovery Trail

pine island murrumbidgee discovery trail sri chinmoy series

101 Series

2014-10-17 21:04:30, by Micky Two Pints

101 Series

101 series

S&M Series 1 and 2

2013-08-11 19:42:29, by mickytwopints

S&M Series 1 and 2

s m series 1 and 2

Novel Series - Hambledon

2012-07-01 11:12:37, by Mike

Novel Series

novel series