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Tour de Cotter

2024-04-16 06:18:57, by Martin Fryer

loop around the Cotter Dam

Jerra Wander

2024-03-27 07:14:49, by Martin Fryer

various tracks in jerra

jerrabombera train walks

South Canberra Wander

2024-01-05 03:31:37, by Martin Fryer

Actual Tallaganda Wander

2023-12-20 07:27:50, by Martin Fryer

shiree MT and Martin crazy walk

mt palerand anticlockwise circuit

Tallaganda wander

2023-12-17 02:54:19, by Martin Fryer

new walk for MT, me and shiree


Outandback clean

2023-11-04 08:06:40, by Martin Fryer

sri 5k loop for 100 with mostly bike paths

sri 100 road

Carillon end track

2023-11-04 07:44:29, by Martin Fryer

sri 100k start near carillon works

sri chinmoy 100 road

West version Sri 5K loop for 100k race

2023-11-04 05:57:16, by Martin Fryer

west version starting near rond terrace and turning west of acton beach

sri chinmoy


2023-10-18 07:02:41, by Martin Fryer

Wandering around Molonglo Gorge


2023-09-30 08:16:20, by Martin Fryer

flat walk loop for coffee intervals

manuka red hill kingo coffee

explorenorth uriarra

2023-09-20 07:38:46, by Martin Fryer



2023-09-20 06:59:15, by Martin Fryer

corridor namaraj

2023 Leg 3 of Sri Chinmoy 100

2023-09-02 06:52:59, by Martin Fryer

New Leg 3 of Sri Chinmoy 100K Trail Race 2023

leg 3 sri chinmoy 100k


2023-08-09 07:10:38, by Martin Fryer

Leg 2 of Sri Chinmoy 100K , 2023

sri chinmoy 100k 2023 leg 2

stony creek loop 10 april 23

2023-04-08 07:42:10, by Martin Fryer

stony creek

stony creek


2023-04-08 06:44:15, by Martin Fryer

east West and West knob loop

2023-02-15 02:39:56, by Martin Fryer

anticlockwise loop


2023-02-07 05:02:02, by Martin Fryer


2023-02-07 04:05:32, by Martin Fryer