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2022-09-13 04:32:36, by ginty



Coniston Old Man

2022-01-04 15:21:57, by ginty

Coniston Old Man , Brim Fell , Dow Crag

coniston old man


2019-10-06 19:58:33, by ginty



St Sunday's Crag

2019-09-21 15:37:26, by ginty

St Sundays Grag

st sunday s crag

Castle Loch, Lochmaben

2019-04-13 18:46:45, by ginty

Castle Loch, Lochmaben


Little Mell

2018-04-28 14:38:47, by ginty

Little Mell Fell

little mell

Longlands To Cockup

2016-08-20 15:19:19, by ginty

Longlands to cockup

longlands cockup

Blea Rigg, Tarn Crag, Stone Arthur

2016-03-19 18:56:59, by ginty

Blea Rigg, Tarn Crag, Stone Arthur

blea rigg tarn crag stone arthur


2016-03-13 15:12:20, by ginty

Honsiter, Grey Knotts, Brandreth, Green Gable, Great Gable, Moses Trod, Honister

gable honister brandreth

Bowscale Tarn

2016-02-28 16:04:30, by ginty

Bowcale Tarn


2015-10-02 21:53:03, by ginty

Carrock Fell, High Pike

2015-08-31 11:58:58, by ginty

Carrock via Trod Rake round to High Pike.

carrock high pike

Helvelyn, Catsytcam, Birkhouse Moor

2015-08-16 14:05:13, by ginty

Striding Edge, Helbelyn, Swirral Edge, Catstyecam, Birkhouse Moor

striding edge swirral

Ennerdale round

2015-08-01 17:37:28, by ginty

Grike To Haycock and return


Arthurs Pike

2015-07-11 14:18:57, by ginty

Bonscale, Arthurs, Loadpot, Wether hill, Steel Knotts

bonscale arthurs

Great Crag & Grange Fell

2015-06-30 22:10:14, by ginty

Great Crag & Grange Fell

great crag grange fell

High Tove

2015-06-27 14:41:51, by ginty

High Tove

high tove

Burnbank Blake Gavel

2015-06-07 14:08:47, by ginty



Greendale round

2015-02-07 20:40:13, by ginty

Greendale Round - Middle Fell, Seatallan, Buckbarrow.

greendale wasdale