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Manley Hot Spring - Fairbanks

2015-09-17 23:58:28, by Marc Oggier

Manley Hot Spring - Fairbanks

manley hot spring fairbanks

Clone: Fairbanks-Manley Hot Spring

2015-09-17 23:57:07, by Marc Oggier

Fairbanks-Manley Hot Spring

Fairbanks-Manley Hot Spring

2015-09-17 23:53:46, by Marc Oggier

Fairbanks-Manley Hot Spring

fairbanks manley hot spring

Pilgrim Hot Springs

2015-09-10 21:52:31, by Marc Oggier

Nome-Pilgrim Hot Springs

nome pilgrim hot springs

Sevenmile Lake

2013-08-08 21:32:55, by Marc Oggier

Sevenmile Lake, Landmark Gap Lake

sevenmile landmakr gap lake

Kesugi Ridge

2013-08-08 19:22:12, by Marc Oggier

Kesugi Ridge from Coal Creek to Ermine Lake

kesugi coal ermine

Kesugi Ridge J1

2013-08-08 19:20:44, by Marc Oggier

Kesugi Ridge


Granite Tors

2013-07-12 02:26:29, by Marc Oggier

Granite Tors in Chena Hot Spring Recreation Area

granite tors chena hot spring

Mount Prindle

2013-07-12 02:02:42, by Marc Oggier

Mount Prindle


Mt Prindle via Quartz Creek

2013-07-12 01:51:28, by Marc Oggier

Retour de Mt Prindle via Quartz Creek

prindle quartz creek

Rainbow Mountain Loop

2013-07-12 01:46:25, by Marc Oggier

Rainbow Mountain


Kalhabok Mountain

2013-07-12 01:18:46, by Marc Oggier

Kalhabok Mountain

kalhabok mountain

Chatanika River J1

2013-06-17 01:18:13, by Marc Oggier

First day of canoeing on the Chatanika River

chatanika river canoeing

Chatanika River J2

2013-06-17 01:11:35, by Marc Oggier

Second day of floating along the Chatanika River

chatanika river canoeing


2013-04-22 18:19:43, by Marc Oggier

Skin up to the saddle between Michael Creek and Flood Creek

flood creek michael skin up ski out


2013-04-22 17:49:29, by Marc Oggier

Item Peak leader > Max Kaufmann route modification due to avalanche hazard following the normal Michael Creek itinerary

item peak michael creek trims

Mount Alice Ridge

2013-03-27 00:07:57, by Marc Oggier

1st mountaineering day in Seward

kenai peninsula seward mount alice ridge

Mount Alice Ridge

2013-03-27 00:07:17, by Marc Oggier

Mount Alice Ridge

kenai peninsula seward mount alice ridge

Callisto Peak

2013-03-26 23:51:01, by Marc Oggier

First attempt to Callisto Peak

callisto peak seward keani peninsula

Crevasse Rescue training

2013-03-06 06:15:33, by Marc Oggier

Crevasse Rescue training at the Castner Glacier with the introduction to ski mountaineering class

caster glacier crevasse rescue ski mountaineering