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Back & forth D62

2014-07-23 22:11:18, by Antony PASSEMARD

good little climbs


Višnjan - Novigrad

2013-03-27 17:58:11, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan, Novigrad and back

cannondale roadbike visnjan novigrad tar kastelir istra

Višnjan - Tinjan and back

2013-02-15 18:27:57, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Tinjan and back

visnjan tinjan 2013 roadbike

Višnjan - Tinjan

2013-01-26 15:05:59, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan, Tinjan and back

cannondale tinjan roadbike istra

Višnjan - Karojba

2012-11-24 14:24:07, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Karojba (+ little more) and back home

cannondale roadbike istra visnjan karojba

Višnjan - Vižinada - Novigrad - Poreč - Višnjan

2012-09-29 10:56:00, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Vižinada - Novigrad - Poreč - Višnjan

visnjan vizinada novigrad porec roadbike cannondale istra

Višnjan - Motovun

2012-09-10 04:15:49, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Tićan - Vižinada - Ponte Porton - Motovun - Karojba - Tićan - Višnjan

roadbike visnjan motovun istra cannondale

Višnjan - Ponte Porton

2012-09-01 12:58:26, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan, Tićan, Vižinada, Ponte porton and back

roadbike cannondale ponte porton visnjan vizinada

Višnja Karojba Ritošin brig Vižinada

2012-08-25 08:04:46, by Tomo Krajina

Roadbiking: Višnja Karojba Ritošin brig Vižinada

cannondale roadbike visnjan vizinada ritosin brig karojba


2012-08-22 05:34:59, by Tomo Krajina

Standardni poluđir

visnjan roadbike

Around Višnjan

2012-08-20 03:36:05, by Tomo Krajina

Around višnjan with my Cannondale

visnjan radovani bacva nova vas cannondale roadbike

Višnjan - Nova Vas - Bačva - Radovani

2012-03-11 15:21:45, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Nova Vas - Bačva - Radovani

cannondale roadbike visnjan roadbike2012

First roadbike trip in 2012

2012-03-04 19:47:40, by Tomo Krajina

Višnjan - Trviž - Tinjan - Baderna - Višnjan. Slow but first after a year pause from my Cannondale :)

roadbike visnjan tinjan cannondale roadbike2012


2011-07-27 21:04:17, by Tomo Krajina

Roadbiking to Prhati and back home

prhati roadbike istra

Roadbiking through Istra

2011-07-27 21:17:20, by Tomo Krajina

Kufci, Nova Vas, Višnjan, Lovreč, Limski kanal, Rovinj, Bale, and back home

roadbike cannondale rovinj visnjan istra


2011-09-01 19:52:18, by Tomo Krajina

Kukci, Višnjan, Tinjan, Baderna, Žbandaj, Višnjan and back home :)

tinjan visnjan baderna istra roadbike

Trviž Tinjan

2010-12-21 19:44:42, by Tomo Krajina

Another afternoon roabike trip.

trviz tinjan roadbike porec istra


2010-12-21 19:48:15, by Tomo Krajina

Another roadbike trip around Poreč.

porec visnjan vizinada kastelir roadbike istra

Around pula

2011-05-02 19:31:54, by Tomo Krajina

Roadbiking aroung Pula. At the moment, this is my longest roadbiking for 2011 ;(

roadbike cannondale pula istra